Debbie creates large-scale mosaics and drawings. Her mosaics are inspired from ancient Egyptian art adding a contemporary flair.  They are handmade of glass and stone. Her drawings combine her memories with her imagination incorporating  surrealistic qualities to provoke conversations.

Debbie is a sensitive, deep thinker who takes risks with her art as she seeks her authentic self. She thirsts. She is patient with her work as it evolves over time and she maintains technical attention to detail through its completion. Debbie is acutely aware that every mark made on the two dimensional surface affects its entire composition.

Debbie is based out of southeast Pennsylvania. She has two daughters and a fine arts degree from Kutztown University. She has been featured as New Talent at Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia. Edward Sozanski of The Inquirer described her as a “virtuoso drawer representing nature at its most resplendent.”


We are wedding photographers based in the New York. We will likely record your big day with photos that are bona fide and meaningful or as we say photos that vibe.

We are Social. We have large clientele, which admire our work so much.