Materials: Glass, Stone, Copper, Wood & Cement Board
Size: 6' x 4'
Weight: 280lbs.
iRa debuted at Maker Faire

and is now hitting the market. Contact Debbie Moore for details.


The eye in Egyptian mythology is an agent of action, wrath and protection. Inspired by these characteristics, iRa was birthed as the round mirror of the pupil was laid on cement board. It evolved into a modern representation of the Eye of Ra designed to make the viewer a part of the mosaic, reflecting their image back to them.

iRa aims to facilitate contemplation on the idea of constantly being observed or watched, creating space for feelings of discomfort and insecurity. A computerized iris focusing on the viewer surrounds the pupil highlighting the ubiquitous presence of technology in our lives.

Is technology advantageous, or is it aggressive? Does it keep us connected or does it separate us? Is it convenience or an addiction? What are its consequences?

This one of a kind piece, 5 years in the making, evolved through innate passion presenting challenges along the way. Cutting stone was a diligent, rhythmic, contemplative exercise. The piece came to incorporate glass, wood, and copper adding literal weight to its final constitution.

The Eye of Ra is an iconic image found in the hieroglyphs of ancient Egyptian temples and mythology. Horus is God of the sky. His right eye, Ra, is the fierce energy of protection and all things feminine. The machinery of technology surrounds the pupil of Horus’ right eye bringing into focus the viewer. The viewer’s reflection is essential.

Who is observing whom?

special thanks

Special thanks to Teresa Hoffman (assistant), Bob Ruland (Frame Guild – Wyomissing PA), Raphael B. O’Brien (Jeweler), Andrew Skrzenski (copper), Tim Doc,  John Dodge and David Serrahima (Phaestium Works), William Tanksley (photographer), Julie Mattern (website).

“It takes a village – thank you everybody”

Debbie Moore

  • The Serpent
    Rich in wisdom she lashes forward slashing the veil between this world and the next.
  • Eye of the Serpent
    Ammolite is noted as one of the scarcest gemstones in the world. Green Ammolite symbolizes wisdom; it enhances the intellect and propels entrepreneurship.
  • Pupil
    Reflecting viewer back to them.
  • Machinery of Technology
    Bringing viewer into focus.
  • Falcons Wing
    Divine kingship. King of the air. The falcom headed god Horus could see all becuase one eye was the sun, the other the moon.
  • Red Sphere
    The color of the root chakra symbolizes the foundation on which one builds their life. This energy, found in everyone, anchors one to the earth creating the support on which we build our lives. If root chakra is closed one is negative, cynical, greedy and insecure.
  • Green Sphere
    This represents the heart chakra by which we assimilate earthly matters and higher aspirations. The heart, when open, integrates effortlessly and harmoniously. If closed we experience defensiveness, jealously, fear of intimacy, lack of forgiveness and isolation.
  • Clear Chards
    This clear pure light rains upon the crown of all humanity and radiates upward. It is the eternal light connecting us to our root chakra. It is the light of the extreme wisdom of what is sacred, limitless and conscious. It liberates all from restraining patterns and calls on us to be who we are, without judgement. If blocked we are disconnected to Spirit and criticize all that is sacred. There is an inability to connect with others and set goals. We live in our heads and posses closed-minds.
  • Blue
    This symbolizes our earth, our home, and establishes a connection to mother earth. Seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is water. She is our responsibility.
  • Gold Squares
    These symbolize satellites, which float above our planet, keeping watch. They represent the armor of powerful leaders desiring control and potection of what they believe is their domain. They are the computers, which connect and track us in today's world.


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